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That’s not fair!

Posted on 10/03/13 No Comments

3 October 2013 Today marks the third day of the United States government being shut down for the most ridiculous reason.  The cover story of this morning’s San Francisco Chronicle, “Feeling the Pinch in the Bay Area” does not mention the impact on organizations like Luna–arts organizations awaiting disbursement on grants from the National Endowment […]

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Social Media

Posted on 09/26/13 No Comments

26 September 2013   The other day our volunteer librarian, Sarah and I were talking about our respective generations.  The question arose, what does it mean to be social?  She was sharing how her generation sees the relationship between technology use and social ability; that the people who are perceived to be the most social […]

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Deja Vu

Posted on 09/19/13 No Comments

Consider dance educator, AG*.  Like many dance educators in California, a state without a teaching credential in the art form, AG is super educated and qualified for a career as a dance educator.  With a lifetime of training and performing in dance, in a variety of dance forms, she pursued a teaching credential with a […]

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Serious Play

Posted on 09/17/13 No Comments

Tuesday, 17 September 2013 “Children at play are not playing about.  Their games should be seen as their most serious minded activity.”  These words of 16th century French essayist Montaigne were never more evidenced than in this seasons Toddler series.  This morning I watched a bit of Alisa’s parent-child dance class.  Tiny, determined boys and […]

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A Dancer Writes

Posted on 09/13/13 1 Comment

September 12, 2013 Today was the first day that I adhered to my new schedule, allocating Thursdays to writing.  I have a big list.  I’m writing a second edition of my book, Body, Mind & Spirit IN ACTION: a teacher’s guide to creative dance because I have learned so much since I began writing it […]

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Thinking About Space

Posted on 09/11/13 No Comments

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 As a dancer and choreographer, I have always enjoyed the use of space.  At various times in my youth, I might have said that purposefully navigating space and crafting with it is what separates dance as an art form from other physical endeavors.  My opinions have opened up as I age […]

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Shifting Accountability

Posted on 09/10/13 No Comments

Monday, September 9, 2013 What happens when an organization loses funding from a government agency with very rigorous evaluation and accountability requirements?  What types of assessment tools will allow us to be accountable to our own high standards beyond that of any single funder?  These are questions we are currently asking ourselves as we diversify […]

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Posted on 09/05/13 No Comments

Thursday, September 4, 2013 As teachers, we want to see engagement.  Yesterday, day two of our annual staff Orientation, we spent some time viewing videos of dance teaching in our programs.  As faculty gave their impressions of what we were seeing, we used words like, “risk-taking,” “engagement,” or “confidence.”  It was pretty clear that among […]

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A New Day

Posted on 09/04/13 No Comments

Wednesday, September 3, 2013 Back to School!  That is what yesterday felt like in every way.  The day began with a major catch-up director’s meeting.  Nancy and I are orienting new staff, initiating a different approach to fundraising for 2013-14 and managing delays in cash flow.  At 11:30 our multi-faceted orientation began.  This year’s strategy […]

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Defining “family” at Luna’s Open House

Posted on 08/19/13 No Comments

As a new teacher to Luna, I was excited to participate in Luna’s first Open House in our “forever” home last September 8th. I invited some dear friends of mine who have a five year old and one year old to come participate in the Family Dance Class. I was particularly excited for their daughter […]

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