About the Luna Dance Institute Blog


Luna strives to be a professional and collegial resource to all those who teach dance, care about children or are interested in the field of dance education.  Increasingly, we find ways to bring professionals together for exchange and support, to improve teaching practice through rigorous professional development, and to impact the field through inquiry projects and field research.  Now, at age 20, Luna seeks to use technology and social media to encourage dance teaching professionals to ask tough questions, to break down barriers and to challenge the obstacles that impede the full potential of dance education.  This forum is to be a place to practice using our words to express our ideas, thoughts and feelings about issues close to our work–to inform others as we become better informed.  Luna invites to you to comment, to link to your own blogs, to participate in the conversation.


Luna Dance Institute, established in 1992, aims to bring creativity, equity and community to every child’s life through the art of dance. Luna uses active inquiry to deepen the learning experience of children and adults, improve teaching practice and build high quality arts programs. As we bring all children to dance, we develop future leaders, choreographers and visionaries.

Each year, Luna brings dance to approximately 20,000 children and 300 or more artists, teachers, and social service providers.  In 20 years we have grown from a local children’s dance program to a nationally recognized dance education organization, providing services to children and the adults who impact their lives – parents, teachers, social service providers, dancers, and artists.

Learn more at lunadanceinstitute.org.